food as art

an illuminate class         


s a work from home mom, I’ve spent many hours in the kitchen. I enjoy cooking and being around wholesome, beautiful food. Our family grows a large garden and I can’t help but admire all the colors and textures of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

In 2014, I decided the best way to celebrate the visual diversity and seasonal flavors, was to write a cookbook. And so my journey into still life work began.
Food photography is complex. There are so many elements that play into creating atmosphere in a single photograph. But the good news is that you have control to create just the mood you envision.
Once the key elements of a strong still life image are understood, the possibilities are endless. There is so much room for creativity! 
Have you been dabbling in still life work but can’t seem to match your images to your vision? Or are you looking for a good foundation to get started? 
Food as Art is just the class for anyone who has a good understanding of natural light and wants to take their food photography to the next level. 


* An online classroom for participants only
* A combination of written and video lessons 
* Behind the scenes pullbacks and diagrams so you can see exactly how I achieve a complete set up from natural light to props
* Weekly assignments with individualized feedback through video
* The ability to ask questions and have them answered daily while you read lessons and work on assignments
* A full PDF of all the lessons from the class so you can continue to revisit the material…this will be given at the conclusion of the workshop
* Silent Students will have a section of the classroom to interact with one another 
* All class members will be invited to the Food As Art alumni Facebook group…an opportunity for continual sharing and growth

Are you wanting to take your still life work to the next level?

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